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what types of books do you like? there’s this really good desi university type of story online which the owner is trying to turn into a book

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And the crewel series

rangeenishq replied 

Do you like thriller? The cody mcfadyen books are really good! *-*

Thanks guys. Tbh I’ve never been keen on reading unless it was mandatory for school. The main reason is bc I need to learn to read faster and absorb more content otherwise I’d be pretty much screwed for first year textbook readings and all. I’m into reading short stories, poetry and books by philosophers though. 

I don’t exactly read much but it’s something I’m trying to improve. Any book suggestions??

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when people hate on your favorite bollywood songimage


And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids and your talking dog

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'babe, what's the safety word'

'jacobs by marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs in collaboration with marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs'

how to singlehandedly screw up a unique storyline- a novel written by Mukta Dhond. 

if myra doesn’t turn out to be paro 

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